countless attempts


Cubicle of the room.

I look out of the window;

I see umbrellas

And endless rain frozen in the air.

There are no doors in my cubicle.

Drops don’t let the air in.

Less and less oxygen left.

The umbrellas keep moving.

I am watching them move

As my face becomes pale.

Beating against the glass and walls,

But the fate has been determined.

I cover myself with white paint

To match the walls

And dissolve in the cubicle.

Lack of oxygen shows;

I am blue.

I am lonely.

Every umbrella is in a separate cubicle,

Each is slowly suffocating.

I choose to end it quicker.

I dissolve in white paint.

Twitch. Twitch.

Yeah, I totally have had too much caffeine yesterday… Coming up: my eye twitching all day long with 5-10 minute interval! Aw, crap.

Countless attempts to make my life better still don’t end the way they’re supposed to, but I keep on trying; maybe one day everything works out the way I’ve planned (let’s keep dreaming).

Right now I’m staring at another cup of coffee that I’ve poured for myself couple minutes ago. I don’t want it, I really don’t. But, if I don’t drink it, this post will fill with a bunch of letters because I’ll fall asleep on the keyboard.

Yawning while the eye is twitching: very memorable feeling. I gotta get some duct tape and fix the eyelid position, maybe it’d bother me less that way 😀