Half way


Can you hear

The haunting music

Of the icebergs?

Captivating tune

Of the steaming nitrogen

Is entering your pores,

Filling up your skin,

Making you new.

You do not feel pain,

The nerves have been

Softly severed;

Only your motionless eyes

Remind of the suffering;

So cold,

So lifeless.

Surrounded by ice,

Becoming ice;

The colour has spilled

To your body.

What used to give life

Is no more.


Have turned pale.

Your soul has

Fallen asleep,

Always striving

To the top,

But stuck half way.


Lights flicker

In sync with my heartbeat;

Arhythmic waves enfold

And cushion.

Osmium eyelids are

Closing uncontrollably,

Leaving me unable to stay awake.

The vision.

Green shades fill the cave;

They shine through the metal eyes

I have still been unable to move.

You are here.

I cannot see, yet I know what

Is in front of me.

The masterpiece;

Meticulously polished malachite shapes,

Soft curves, and green dust.

The arrhythmia has become

Too powerful to contain.

I can see the faint images

Of stones and blades

Covered in granules;

Breathing is becoming heavier than

My eyelids. I know,

You are moving closer to me.

I no longer need my eyes to see

What I have encountered.

Your sweet copper breath

Gives me shivers,

Paralysing my vital systems.

You were born of destruction,

Torn from where you were meant to be.

I will happily face my fate

As your face comes closer to mine.

For I am just a simple miner

Who came to your mountain

Without being invited.

And as my breath diminishes into nothing

With every passing second

You graciously touch my lips with yours

And I can feel the smooth malachite hand

Sliding into my hair.

You are the queen of this mountain,

And I am but a slave

To everything you are,

Spending the eternity

With the nature’s masterpiece.


A small fragile thing,

Only one light breath can make you fade.

Yet, I see the devils dancing

In your warm-colored eyes.

I shouldn’t come close

To your weak fire;

You’re like a magnet

For my trembling fingers.

I want to feel the smooth bloom

And keep it alive,

But any touch can ruin

The perfect surface.

Every glance

Makes my eyes sting.

The flare has already

Damaged my skin;

I can’t turn away.

It’s a mistake, I know that

Your mind is playing

With my submissive heart;

But my fissured body

Will keep on longing for the deadly touch,

That will bring the end to both.

Covered with death

Once I met Death.

I was waiting for my bus when

She came and sat next to me.

-Is it my time? – asked I.

-Are you ready? – replied she.

I didn’t know what to respond.

Was I ready to die?

My bucket list half-full,

Only 20 years lived.

But I’d never felt

So tired,

Tired of it all.

-Is that what you want? – asked Death again.

I stayed speechless.

She smirked, and said

-Not right now. But I won’t leave

Until you give me an answer.

I felt cold.

I couldn’t see her anymore;

Missed my bus,

And kept standing

On the same place.

The bus crashed;

I saw people die,

And Death standing on top.

She was still looking at me.

I knew she was waiting,

And that she’d keep on being near.

I turned around and went home;

Full of nothing.

Covered with death.


Waiting for the death

Bright shining moon
Reflects the abysmal eyes
Full of nothingness.
I howl from pain,
Waiting for the last seconds
Of my useless breathing.
All the air of the world is never enough
To have a deep sigh
Before I go.
God’s verdict
Has put a mark on me
And all my life,
That has not much left.
I’m not afraid of the old witch in her black robe,
But a smile won’t touch my lips
As I leave.
Sun will keep on shining,
Rain will keep on going,
People will be busy, like they usually are.
But it will not make a difference
For me, because
I will be gone.