Little death

Silence in a room

With dimmed lights,

Every blink

Can be heard.

Every button torn

Of the shirt

Throws echoes

Against the empty walls.

Hot lips

Heat up the skin,

Waking up the feeling

Just a little

Below the stomach.


Shaking limbs

Are hard to control;

Holding on to the

Alternate reality

Of the pulsing energy

Is paradoxically draining

And invigorating.

Longing for every extra second

Of what is to come.

Tearing through the last

Layers of obstacles;


Two merge into one,

Accelerating the unity.

No breathing.


Are creating an earthquake

Inside the room;

Drowning in the waves

And embracing this death,

This little death.



Slender arms

Are trying to grasp

My shoulders;

Sweet gasps

Steaming from

Your rose petal lips

Make me want to forget

Why I did not want this

In the first place.

So fragile,

So delicate and thin;

One more move

And your brittle body

Will start cracking

In my arms,

And yet,

I can feel your tight grip

On everything I am.

I complete you

With every second

And every breath.

Intoxicating scent

That haunts me

Makes me want to disappear

And become a part of you.

I know,

There is nothing

That will ever stand

Between me

And the sweet rose,

And even if you let go of me,

I will always find my way

Into you.


Your perfect face…

That silky skin,

Heavenly lips.

Hearing you breath

Makes my heart

Jump out of

The rib cage.

I look into your eyes;

Can’t stop biting

My lower lip

As I push the knife

Into you.

The warm red

Will evenly paint

The soft porcelain.

I will leave my fingerprints

All over this

Shameless fair surface

Of your shoulders.

Your weak grip

Will soon let go

As I am almost done

With slaughtering

The last bits

Of sanity.