Uncontrollable forces –

Fire and smoke,

Water and wind;

Coming together

They decimate everything

On the way.

Beautiful destruction,

Enchanting horror,

Constricting sound.

Any step closer

Is a bad idea,

And yet you

Have started moving.

You are the smoke,

Blending with the steam,

Finding your way

Where you should not be.

I pull the thin, pretty threads

That wrap around your neck

And twist gently enough

To put your consciousness to sleep

And distract from the inevitable.

I am a volcano

That is about to erupt

And drag you under.


Layers of fear

I’m folding my eyelids.

There’s nothing to see ahead,

Only a straight road.

Choking on my own despair

I can’t move further.

Paper notes are flying around;

My dreams written on them

With a horrible handwriting

Will forever remain there.

The bubble of self-preservation

Is getting thicker and less transparent.

The moment you don’t see me through the layers of fear

Will be the end. The end of all.