empty eyes


I close my eyes,


Strange place,

Strange faces.

The dense air

Has pushed the smile

Away. No place

For happiness

Among the narrow streets

And shiny buildings.

The five points

Relax the evening,

But do not

Bring any relief.

The weight with no meaning

Has clouded time.

Drywall blocks and

Pointless beats

Are all this place is.

I have emptied myself

Before entering

This dream that is not over yet.

I have only left to wait,

Meditating in patience,

Waiting for the

Peace of awakening.

Rotten ghosts in suits

Shiny streets, sparkling buildings,

Bright colors are hitting the eyes.

Walls of the city can’t hold anymore,

They’ve stretched enough;

Rotten people with empty eyes

Keep wandering around,

Trying to look busy.

I’m in the middle of the street,

Ghosts of former happiness

Are wearing suits.

Wind is flapping the fabric.

Hair has covered my face,

But I don’t need to see what I already know.

I’m surrounded by empty space,

The air is rotting,

And so am I,

Along with the windy overfilled village.