Notes are a scream,
A mayday that will never get a response.
The salty waters are engulfing
Whatever is left on display.
I am nothing but a shell
Of normality that existed
A long ago.
I beg for acceptance,
And yet avoid the eye contact.
I am the paradox living inside your head.
I am not real.
My fingers are fictional,
The touch affects only your online posts,
Which are not popular enough
To get the desired like count.
I exist only in your twisted dreams,
Hiding in the shades of your nightmares.
The darkest corners will never be seen;
I will go deeper,
And fake another cinematic smile for you.
Aren’t you happy?
It is just how you wa t it to be!
A happy smile,
A happy me.
A plastic world you have created
In your sad twisted dreams.
Well, enjoy…


A fake smile, a firm handshake;

Everything is prepared.

Your friendly face

Takes me out of my comfort zone

And makes me stay away.

I pour myself inside out

And you just smile.

The autumn of myself

Has dropped the leaves

Below the hopelessness,

And I continue opening up

In front of the unworthy grin of yours.

Over and over again

I repeat the mistakes

That I’d sworn to mark inside my head.

Time to give up;

Give up on fate

And every word you have said.

I will gather them all

In a small box,

And throw everything in the river under the bridge.

Drop the masks,

I know what you are.

No need to pretend

When you stand in front of a stone statue.

Radiating grin

Metaphors of happiness

Are nothing but letters

Written on the life scenario sheets.

My pages are full of smudges and blurs.

You keep on throwing

Your recited smiles at me,

Choking me in images of your radiating grin.

Wordy gusts catch me at my back

When I’m trying to escape

Your ever-so-nice face.

I can see your eyes shine

At the sight of my sadness.

Time will come,

And you will stop smiling.

Eyes will turn into dull crystals,

Mouth will no longer show the revolting grin

Of the staged niceness.