I woke up

Not knowing where I was;

Breathing in the fog

That creeped over the ground

And me.

Is this real?

The sunshine is too far,

And I can feel

My bones shrinking in the cold,

Surrounded by fire-breathing trees.

I am still, yet moving,

Clueless about the direction.

A hand on my shoulder;

I know it is you

Without turning around.

I do not know where I am,

But I know where the fog is leading me;

Your touch helped me stay alive

And take the first step.



Skin on skin,

The feeling of touch;

No need to see the hands.

Finger pads sliding across the skin surface,

Wavering breathing,

Wrinkled t-shirts on the side of the bed;

Silk sheets are tides

In which both are sinking.

A glance at your lips;

Our eyes meet.

And my heart stops beating.