Sieving ash

One day i died.

Stung myself without looking,

Burned alive.

The fire did not last;

Not enough life force in me.

I quietly diminished

To a small pile of ash.

You accidentally stumbled

Across the remnants

And sat, sieving through,

Trying to find something.

But I know, what you are searching for

Is not there.

I have given it to you

Long time ago

And never asked

For it back.

You can keep it if you like,

It will not make any difference




Slide your fingers through the wires

And unplug the thoughts.

Every inch is a button

That sets off a bomb;

You leave ripples all around

With every breath

That sets on my neck.

Flammable air particles

Gather around you,

Waiting to absorb the energy

And ignite the space between us.

It will burn like never before,

Until every last molecule turns into light

And the self-destruct sequence is complete.

Against the world

Cotton waves

Cover you slowly and softly,

You are bare and  insecure;

A delicate complexion will be covered with freeze and snow.

You feel the sheets sliding against your still wet body.

You are wrapped into a blanket,

Put on a hospital bet, and now you are being carried to the laboratory.

I remember your confused look

When they were taking you away and myself –

running next to the bed, holding you hand and having to let go as the laboratory door closed.

Your last scream “Don’t leave me alone!!!”

Will stay in my head and haunt me until I forget who I myself am.

Last words.

They continue living in your memory,

Activating the self-destruct mechanism

Set long ago deep inside the ribcage, which will go off

At the time when it is expected the least.

I will trigger the mechanism and push all the buttons.

We will continue shining and lighting everything up

Until the whole world is on fire.

Us against the fire.

Us against the world.


Hair on your hands is hardening

And turning your arms into feathers.

I watch every bone of your skull break during the metamorphosis.

The scream is nonhuman; your high-pitched call for help

Is transforming into a Furious roar.

a wall of flames has covered you and continued spinning around you,

Not giving me a change to look you in the eyes before you stop

Being yourself anymore.

Every string of pain cuts my limbs and presses my skull together.

I fell down.Face is now covered in blood.

But I can still see the  majestic transformation.

The purple eyes and powerful wings.

You are divine.

Ripping the chains to set yourself free

And demonstrating the powerful fire breath.

This is you now, darling.

You are the best.

The best invention I have ever made.


Watching slideshows of your smile

I am trying to scrape the remnants of you

Out of myself.

Our tragic reunion

Has killed the last bits

Of both of us.

Sound of the wind touching your hair

Makes me melt,

But the volcano has cooled down.

Your voice is a crying cello

That brings peace to my ears.

Look hear, my dear;

So much time has passed

That I can hardly remember your face,

But you are still haunting me.

I have been holding the door open

For you to leave,

But the curve of your lips

Is still pouring rains of nostalgic foolishness on me.

Time to light it up.

Bring me the matches.

I will burn the slides,

The whole memory room;

We will be watching ourselves disappear

And turn to embers.


A small fragile thing,

Only one light breath can make you fade.

Yet, I see the devils dancing

In your warm-colored eyes.

I shouldn’t come close

To your weak fire;

You’re like a magnet

For my trembling fingers.

I want to feel the smooth bloom

And keep it alive,

But any touch can ruin

The perfect surface.

Every glance

Makes my eyes sting.

The flare has already

Damaged my skin;

I can’t turn away.

It’s a mistake, I know that

Your mind is playing

With my submissive heart;

But my fissured body

Will keep on longing for the deadly touch,

That will bring the end to both.

burn to be free

Terrifying turn around the corner. Rusty equipment stuck to old stone walls.

I have to turn. I am afraid. I’m scared of going towards “the change”.

I feel somebody grabbing my shoulder from behind and pushing me forward to make that bid step. I am resisting, screaming, biting, scratching… but there’s no other way around.

Right at the turn. There I am. I need that choice. If I go back – I’ll die, if I go forward – there’re too many uncertainties to handle. One thin line to step over…

The wall is horrifying all of me with its slippery mold on its surface. I’ve accidentally touched it. It smells like decomposed rubbish, or something of that sort. It feels utterly disgusting.

I am looking around to make myself adjusted. But… BAM! Someone has pushed me around that damned turn without any support or knowing what to do. While falling I’ve injured my wrist with the terror wall with mold, so now besides the nasty substance in my hand there is also blood.

And I’m still flying around there. It becomes very scary when out off all the voices I’ve heard before, mine was the only one that I heard and made.

Slowly plunging into something very dark and smooth. Intriguing, but frightening. I get up. I don’t recognize anything or anyone around me.I am alone. Alone and only for myself. I’ve found matches in my pocket, which were still functional.

I stood in the very middle of the biggest crowd, and lit the first match…

I observed it for a little, smiled at it, and let it go… More and more flame explosions opened and soon all area was embraced by fire.I was standing there, still in the middle of everything…and smiling.