A new job, or life is full of adventures

So, in the beginning of this month I left my job; the story is long and quite unpleasant, so let’s not slow down here. What matters more is that I got another one the day before my last working day.
I’m an English teacher in a language center now. There are 2 offices; I teach the language to a bunch of people in one, and I am the native speaker who teaches the speaking club in another. The office where I’m just a teacher is in the same building where I live, so it’s pretty cool to be able to go home for a nap when I have a 1 hour gap between classes.  I am the nice and fun teacher who can and will f**k students up if they don’t do their homeworks and try relying on me being nice. I’m like prof. Cohen (AUBG students would understand) of the iLike center: I’m fun, I tell jokes,  I look like I understand the students and the stuff they tell me, but I’m ruthless I  terms of grading; students should learn, and being friendly and nice doesnt’t mean that they can use it.
Besides the groups at the center I give corporate individual classes for the CEO of Samruk Kazyna Invest (and feeling rly smug about it). He’s my favorite student; I wish all students could be as polite and considerate.
Aaaaand, the most interesting thing: the speaking club. Students at the other office have no idea that I know Russian: for all attendees I’m a native speaker teacher. And I pulled it off! It was really funny to watch and hear them talking to each other about me and thinking I didn’t understand. I found that extremely amusing and want to do it again next week.
Life brings us surprises when we forget that things like that exist. We just need to remember that not only bad things happen in this world.
Stay happy. Stay tuned.

Too. Much. Laughing.

“Today was a crazy day” – Valentina, marketing specialist. (She suggested I start my post with this phrase, so I’m quoting here here)

Yeah, it’s been a day full of weird and crazy things. Our boss seemed to have mixed mood, and it made everyone feel even weirder.

Int he morning he was almost screaming at people, but after dinner a smile could hardly go off his face; He was even laughing and listening to music right in the office (I’m kinda glad he didn’t start singing). The only not too much pleasant part about it is the number of jokes he’s trying to say or play on the employees. I mean, it’s fun and all, but sometimes he goes waaaaaay over the top with jokes…

I think I’ve had a little too much caffeine during the day, my head is still hurting. But oh well…

Overall I liked the day, there were a lot of things to laugh at (nervous laughs count as well)

So much for the day. Too much laughing and being shocked to remember everything that has happened…