Cloud nine

I see the Sun through a prism of blue,

Gorgeous sapphires are luring me

Onto the cloud nine.

I have not yet learned to fly,

And I continue watching the perfect stone

While gentle hands of the wind

Are going through my hair.

Unreal expectations and this beautiful reality

Make me believe in peace,

The fear dissolves.

I expect to wake up from this dream

Any minute.

Several seconds of absolute harmony

Is all I’ve been waiting for;

I wish I could stop the time

And cherish every moment

Before the cloud disappears.




No more me

Be my siren;

Sing until my ears bleed,

Tangle me in your hair,

And drag me gently to the bottom.

Watch my lungs being filled with water

As I look into your eyes,

Feeling accomplished.

I can’t hold on to my boat.

Just take me wherever;

I won’t be able to live

On the surface anymore.

Your delicate feminine wrists

Make me want to sacrifice myself

To something as empty as you are.

There is no more me.

No more.