Fighting the nature

My head feels like it’s being held by someone’s huge hands, and these hands are pressing on it so hard that I”m about to faint.

My brain is a car prepared for disposal, and the atmosphere pressure is the jaws pressing on it stronger and stronger with every minute.

A working day ahead, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to survive it all.

I really hope I feel better at least by lunch break, because I’m afraid I”ll either turn inside out, or faint (and then turn inside out).

Being sensitive to atmosphere pressure changes is one of the biggest problems I’ve had.

Whyyyy aren’t there ways to be less sensitive to that?

I don’t know how much coffee I”ll need to drink  before it all stabilizes. Well, challenge accepted. Let’s start the struggle.

Here I come, biatch.

The day indestructible me got sick.

Nasty day… Sick day… Day of confusion.

All day I’ve been feeling dizzy and heavy-headed. Moderate fever, inability to talk, blocked nose, SEVERE sore throat – all that in a box menu for today. The only things I’ve been able to do today is drinking hot liquids, sleeping, laying down and whispering. And yeah, sneezing. Lots of it. The kind of sneezing that destroys (not “damages”, “DESTROYS”) my throat.

That wasn’t such a pleasant piece to read, was it? Eh, you’ve already read it anyway…

I think during my sick leave I’ll sleep enough to be able to be fresh and more awake at work for 2 or 3 days. Or maybe more.

Tomorrow I’ll be going to the hospital to get the papers from my GP, and then I can keep on being sick until Monday.

I really hate being sick, but oh well, I have to fulfill my annual norm of being sick 1-2 times. The 1st time is already on, I guess that’ll leave the 2nd one for fall.

The stuff I’ve been writing today is really incoherent. My brain feels like a yesterday’s mush in the fridge. Well, if you, my reader, managed to understand today’s story-line (if I can call it that way at all), I salute you and I’m happy you’re still here reading.