inner voice


Hair on your hands is hardening

And turning your arms into feathers.

I watch every bone of your skull break during the metamorphosis.

The scream is nonhuman; your high-pitched call for help

Is transforming into a Furious roar.

a wall of flames has covered you and continued spinning around you,

Not giving me a change to look you in the eyes before you stop

Being yourself anymore.

Every string of pain cuts my limbs and presses my skull together.

I fell down.Face is now covered in blood.

But I can still see the  majestic transformation.

The purple eyes and powerful wings.

You are divine.

Ripping the chains to set yourself free

And demonstrating the powerful fire breath.

This is you now, darling.

You are the best.

The best invention I have ever made.


I feel them… chemicals are entering my blood flow and spreading in my organism slowly…
I feel every wave coming to me and each of them gives me chills.
I feel like I am under water and everything around is moving so slow, the air feels heavy.
Go to sleep, go to sleep! – my inner voice is telling me. But no! No sleep, more ecstatic feeling.
You are my bloodflow… baby, lovely bloodflow…
Tranquility and peace. Maybe even joy. All of this in me right now. Let me feel this paradise a little longer…