Submerged into you,

I feel the warm currents

Not letting me drown.

Anticipating the rendezvous

Streams pick up the speed;

All I have ever wanted

Is to meet you.

You are the ocean,

And every river of mine,

Regardless of the direction,

Flows into you.



Fingers sliding between the ribs,

I feel you reaching out

To the broken and worn out


Trying to re-ignite the frozen engine

You crush the bones,

Not knowing that

The moment your lips touched mine 

I surrendered my breath and soul

To you.

Take the heart 

And keep it as yours.

Let it beat in tact with your thoughts,

Let my fate be you

And us become one.


The silver mirrors

Have stopped showing my face;

Instead I see sapphires in my eyes.

I see the biggest heart

Pumping warm blood,

Crucified soul

That has been resurrected

By the sweet kiss of redemption.

The sacred union,

The perfect symbiosis of souls.

The hand that helped me open my eyes,

Offering the life,

Offering the love.

I long to merge into one,

Into the precious eyes

That see the world for what it is,

That will be a part of us,

Knowing the real human feelings.

A part of you,

A part of me;


Broken heart

In the faceless crowd

I can see the saddest smile;

Blue springs are cold,

And no sunshine can warm the heart.

The iced thumbs

Are rubbing the red cheeks,

Losing the faith.

I will put my arms

Around the frozen shoulders

And sing a song to close your eyes.

A song that lifts the broken pieces

And puts them back together.

A song to calm

The apprehensive seizures

The past gives you every time

You try to remember.

The faceless crowd

And it’s chaotic movements

Have bruised and scarred

The gentle eyes.

Reach your hands towards mine,

Press your pain against my lips.

Close your eyes and immerse yourself

In the enswathing song,

And let the voice of peace

Heal the broken heart.

Rose wood shelves

I store my memories on tiny shelves

Made of rose wood.

One is for the my first cat,

One is or my first friend,

One for the family,

The smiles,

The tears,

The anger and the sadness.

When one of them fills up

The shelves collapse.

One shelf is hidden,

One cannot shake it or flip it over.

That one is for you.

I treasure every little bit

Of every second I remember.

And when everything collapses

What will always remain

Is you.


Watching slideshows of your smile

I am trying to scrape the remnants of you

Out of myself.

Our tragic reunion

Has killed the last bits

Of both of us.

Sound of the wind touching your hair

Makes me melt,

But the volcano has cooled down.

Your voice is a crying cello

That brings peace to my ears.

Look hear, my dear;

So much time has passed

That I can hardly remember your face,

But you are still haunting me.

I have been holding the door open

For you to leave,

But the curve of your lips

Is still pouring rains of nostalgic foolishness on me.

Time to light it up.

Bring me the matches.

I will burn the slides,

The whole memory room;

We will be watching ourselves disappear

And turn to embers.