A small fragile thing,

Only one light breath can make you fade.

Yet, I see the devils dancing

In your warm-colored eyes.

I shouldn’t come close

To your weak fire;

You’re like a magnet

For my trembling fingers.

I want to feel the smooth bloom

And keep it alive,

But any touch can ruin

The perfect surface.

Every glance

Makes my eyes sting.

The flare has already

Damaged my skin;

I can’t turn away.

It’s a mistake, I know that

Your mind is playing

With my submissive heart;

But my fissured body

Will keep on longing for the deadly touch,

That will bring the end to both.


Giving in

Soft fingertips sliding through the shirt;

So delicate, so fragile…

Virulent sensation is submerging me

So easily. Elusive feeling of control

Evaporates. I am powerless

In front of the majestic Queen.

Every Joker minifies by his own will,

Yearning for just one smile of Hers.

Dominant yet tender,

The exquisiteness stings

With its virtuosity.

Starving for more of Her,

I let more venom

Into myself.

My heart quickens

As I sense Her movements commencing towards me.

Snow- white skin,

Eyes darker than any abyss;

Thrill inside of me takes too much space.

Hard to breathe…

Bewilderment; fellating sensation,

And the most gentle touch

Of her fingers under my shirt.

My body is withering from bliss…

I can never regret presenting my life

To the Lust herself.