Kilometers of thoughts,

Strange thoughts.

They’re too heavy to hold,

So I wrap them around myself.

Inhaling has become harder;

My chest is being crushed

By the invisible hardship that

I have created myself.

Brain at a highway speed,

It doesn’t hear my pleas to stop.

I might be losing my mind.

I stand on the path and

Cannot catch up with

My own brain.

No more hope to reach what’s

So much faster than myself.

I stop at a blossoming field of colza,

Bright yellow flower carpet

Calms me down.

My mind is not here anymore;

I have let it go.

My lips stretch in a crooked smile:

I don’t have a brain.

Is that… happiness?



Let me pull your drawers out;

I want to see what’s going on

In that head of yours,

What’s hidden behind

That innocent child face.

I’ll play with your neurons,

Watch your muscles contract,

And learn all of you.

It’s fun toying with your unstability,

Beholding the fade of the light

In your clear trustful eyes.

My touch is detrimental

To the heavenly surface of your shoulders;

I hurt you just by looking at you.

I watch you destroy yourself,

And I’m amused by all of it.

I just hope I’ll have time

To study you until the end,

Before you perish in your own misery.