Your perfect face…

That silky skin,

Heavenly lips.

Hearing you breath

Makes my heart

Jump out of

The rib cage.

I look into your eyes;

Can’t stop biting

My lower lip

As I push the knife

Into you.

The warm red

Will evenly paint

The soft porcelain.

I will leave my fingerprints

All over this

Shameless fair surface

Of your shoulders.

Your weak grip

Will soon let go

As I am almost done

With slaughtering

The last bits

Of sanity.



Fun list

The wild cherry syrup

Of your thickened blood

Is drying up

On my face.

I cut you open

For the fun of it,

And now I’m watching you die.

So easy to kill,

So easy to lose it.

But I’m smiling.

Your pointless death

Will be the first “check”

On my list of fun.