Submerged into you,

I feel the warm currents

Not letting me drown.

Anticipating the rendezvous

Streams pick up the speed;

All I have ever wanted

Is to meet you.

You are the ocean,

And every river of mine,

Regardless of the direction,

Flows into you.


Pull the wires,

Defuse my will to speak.

I’ve been waiting for that

Long enough.

Shallow wounds and scratches

Cover my arms;

I’ve been beating against the wall

Of your responses for too long.

I wanted to jump

Into the sea of depenence

Right after you.

But all I see there

Is an ocean of your tears.

Too much to bear,

Too much to hear.

You jumped,

And I just didnt follow.

I’m alone on a cliff,

And I don’t want to jump anymore.

I feel better.