Safe place

When snow and rain take turns

And angry people cross the wet roads,

I imagine you.

Overflowing with velvet feelings

I sink into the lilac dreams

Where we are alone.

The softest touch sinks me

Into the sacred area

Of my safe place.

Secluded forests and mountain tops,

Mysterious caves and the sunshine

Playing with rainbows in the waterfalls;

I have let you in.

We walk while holding hands

And allow the amazement overwhelm

Our hungry for excitement minds.

Rainbow waterfalls,

Lilac dreams,

We are alone.

You are with me.

You are my safe place.



Routine days and the week of weight loss


It’s my 4th week living in Astana and I still don’t know how to feel about it.

The job itself is amazing, but the amounts of it are killing me sometimes.

I’ve lost a little more weight over the past week, because we had a week long workshop on health economics. So much new terminology and so many new people… 8 hours of verbal translation a day + written translations – overwhelming! I don’t think I’d have gotten such a valuable experience anywhere else. At least now I have a general understanding of what people from MoH and CS are, and how they work. At the end of the workshop the consultant who I translated for, told me that after all that I need a certificate too, because I ended up expleining methods of economic evaluation and budget impat analysis to the CS people 😀

So, if anyone ever wants to lose weight – become a full-time translator/interpreter! That surely helps you stop eating (just because you don’t have time for it) and the kilograms don’t just go away, they drain from you along with the nerves and good mood…

Oh, what am I talking about? Really, I complain too much. The job is really exciting, and even though I’m going to leave all of my nervous system over here, I still like it.

The weather in Astana is even weirder than in Karaganda; here it changes within minutes! And the wind… The wind is kinda nice, because if it weren’t here, I’d choke in all the car fumes (the number of cars in this city is unimaginable).

Another great thing about this city is that I’ve met new people, and they seem very nice. An interesting fact: out of the people I hang out with, there isn’t a single local person 😀 Well, as we know, there aren’t almost any ‘locals’ in Astana anyway…

Work-home, work-home, work-home – that’s my plan for almost every day. And even though I might complain about it, there’s nothing better to do here anyway, and it’s not even so bad 😀

I need to look at things more positively. I really do. I’ve got to punch myself in the face and start at least smiling to people, because most of the time I look like I’ll be planting a bomb somewhere, and my face looks scared and angry (or, in some cases I look like I’ve just defused one :D).

I need more positive shit in here! Just a little more.