Sing to me.

Sing the song of the painful past,

Of the irreversible damage,

The hot tears.

Captivating melody

Is making my heart ache

Like it has never done before.

Eyes open to a clear night sky

Strewn with stars.

I see you shine with them

Releasing blue streams;

Aurora reflecting in them

Takes me farther away

Into a place

Where there are only

Us and the song;

The beautiful song of tears

And pain.

Soon the melody will stop,

Leaving you and me

Looking into each other’s eyes,

Seeing the sky, the northern lights,

And eternity in them.



Cloud nine

I see the Sun through a prism of blue,

Gorgeous sapphires are luring me

Onto the cloud nine.

I have not yet learned to fly,

And I continue watching the perfect stone

While gentle hands of the wind

Are going through my hair.

Unreal expectations and this beautiful reality

Make me believe in peace,

The fear dissolves.

I expect to wake up from this dream

Any minute.

Several seconds of absolute harmony

Is all I’ve been waiting for;

I wish I could stop the time

And cherish every moment

Before the cloud disappears.



3rd official day of holiday, or more mixed feelings

Well, well, well… The third official day of my holiday is almost over, and I  am spending this glorious evening with homa-made berry smoothies and an excrutiating pain in my knees. Why knees? Today in the morning I decided to jog. Jog a lot. A LOT. Considering that I usually do not run more than 3 km without a break, today was full of achievement – after today I think I will be able to run the 4.6 km in June, so yay to that 🙂

I have almost forgotten what it’s like to do translations for other people – today was also the day of doing my mom’s homework for her German language course.  Now I know everything about one gardening school in the region, because I was creating a presentation speech in a language that I am not fluent in yet – lots of fun and invaluable experience (almost no sarkasm there)!

The weather made me regret that I didn’t take shorts with me, because it was boiling hot during the day. First time in forever when I really enjoyed feeling like I was being fried alive 😀

Sunny weather and mixed feelings about my knees made me stay stationary for several hours, which I used to read something quite interesting. Well, interersting… This book has made my feelings more mixed than the pain 😀

And the title is… wait for it… ‘The Juliet Society’ by… wait for it… Sasha Grey.

I am not sure if I have ever read any books that has more sex in it. Really. The language this book is written in is fairly simple, anyone with a B2 level can easily read it. I have read about 1/3 of the book so far; not much lovey-dovey stuff, mostly wild fantasies of the main character.

More than a half of the book left to read, let’s see what it brings.

Tomorrow is another busy day.  More driving around and meeting people. Gotta squeeze in some peace, as I think I need it…

Tune back in  for more 🙂