Hair on your hands is hardening

And turning your arms into feathers.

I watch every bone of your skull break during the metamorphosis.

The scream is nonhuman; your high-pitched call for help

Is transforming into a Furious roar.

a wall of flames has covered you and continued spinning around you,

Not giving me a change to look you in the eyes before you stop

Being yourself anymore.

Every string of pain cuts my limbs and presses my skull together.

I fell down.Face is now covered in blood.

But I can still see the  majestic transformation.

The purple eyes and powerful wings.

You are divine.

Ripping the chains to set yourself free

And demonstrating the powerful fire breath.

This is you now, darling.

You are the best.

The best invention I have ever made.


Cubicle of the room.

I look out of the window;

I see umbrellas

And endless rain frozen in the air.

There are no doors in my cubicle.

Drops don’t let the air in.

Less and less oxygen left.

The umbrellas keep moving.

I am watching them move

As my face becomes pale.

Beating against the glass and walls,

But the fate has been determined.

I cover myself with white paint

To match the walls

And dissolve in the cubicle.

Lack of oxygen shows;

I am blue.

I am lonely.

Every umbrella is in a separate cubicle,

Each is slowly suffocating.

I choose to end it quicker.

I dissolve in white paint.

Rotten ghosts in suits

Shiny streets, sparkling buildings,

Bright colors are hitting the eyes.

Walls of the city can’t hold anymore,

They’ve stretched enough;

Rotten people with empty eyes

Keep wandering around,

Trying to look busy.

I’m in the middle of the street,

Ghosts of former happiness

Are wearing suits.

Wind is flapping the fabric.

Hair has covered my face,

But I don’t need to see what I already know.

I’m surrounded by empty space,

The air is rotting,

And so am I,

Along with the windy overfilled village.



I’ve been sick for 6 days already. My sick leave is over, tomorrow I gotta go to work. So, tomorrow will be the day of me sneezing and coughing on other people, because I haven’t recovered completely, but I can’t stay in the apt for any longer…

During the leave I’ve  thought about too many things and I bet I overthought  a crapload of unnecessary stuff…

My laptop has become something inseparable from me, I sleetpwith it next to me. Simply laying in bed and being inactive makes me anxious, I need to be doing something… Watching online lectures and enlightening myself alone doesn’t work. I started looking for different ways of making at least some kind of a change while staying at the same place. No luck so far.

Learning things makes me a little distracted, so this is what I cling to these days. Making changes within myself is much harder than I thought (duuuh, I’m such an idiot for even mentioning that, everybody knows that it’s freaking hard).

I feel kind of stupid, undeveloped; like I don’t know enough to be able to exist as a whole normal human being.

I am just a bunch of knowledge fragments scattered inside of myself.

Stuck. Lonely. I interact with people every day, but I do feel lonely. I complain too much.

I want an emotional shake that would sweep me off my feet and drag me into something exciting.

Yeah, I want too much I think. I think too much. Gotta stop thinking, that’d make everything around easier for sure.

Too. Much. Laughing.

“Today was a crazy day” – Valentina, marketing specialist. (She suggested I start my post with this phrase, so I’m quoting here here)

Yeah, it’s been a day full of weird and crazy things. Our boss seemed to have mixed mood, and it made everyone feel even weirder.

Int he morning he was almost screaming at people, but after dinner a smile could hardly go off his face; He was even laughing and listening to music right in the office (I’m kinda glad he didn’t start singing). The only not too much pleasant part about it is the number of jokes he’s trying to say or play on the employees. I mean, it’s fun and all, but sometimes he goes waaaaaay over the top with jokes…

I think I’ve had a little too much caffeine during the day, my head is still hurting. But oh well…

Overall I liked the day, there were a lot of things to laugh at (nervous laughs count as well)

So much for the day. Too much laughing and being shocked to remember everything that has happened…