Disfigured shadows,

Metal bars;

I am sentenced to an eternity

Inside of your mind.

So dry and colourless.

Oh, mama, mama…

How many times

Have you warned me

About the dangerous dreams!

I am stuck in one,

Looking at the starless sky,

Mixing tears with wine.

Ah, so replaceable!..

I have so many substitutes.

Wake me up!

Kick me out of your head for once,

Have mercy…

Let me awaken from the nightmare

I have staged.

Body frozen,

Forced to stare into one direction,

Why is everything so blurry all of a sudden?..

I will take my skin off

And put a smile on.

I will smile at you

And dissolve from your memory

Along with the last drop.

Ah, so replaceable…


I am the dust;

An invisible breeze,

A dream that you will forget.

I am always there;

In crowds and empty spaces.

Do I want to be seen?

I have always been the grayest of shadows,

Hiding behind the corner,


Moving forward would dissolve me.

Sun would make me evaporate;

There is not enough of me

Even for a rain drop.

I will stay where I am

And wish for the impossible.

I am the dust;

An invisible breeze,

A dream that you will forget.


I can taste the air;

I become one with the wind.

You will never feel my presence;

Lighter than any feather,

Stronger than 47 Ronin.

I will always remain a shadow

Invisible to a common eye.

My face is a million images

And every time you will see a different one.

Unable to grasp me,

You will never know what it is

Until I am right behind you

And my blade is at your neck.