I watch it snowing
Behind your radiant eyes.
Breeze is turning into a blizzard,
As I cover myself with the last bits
Of human dignity,  silently looking
Into the sunset that is about to fade,
Avoiding your look.
Scribbling on the frozen skin,
I’m trying to remember
What it was like
Before winter.
Lips are below freezing,
No more words.
Just ice.
And the snowfall


Silent film

Checkpoint. A turn right in the hospital catacombs.
I have smashed the leftovers of your childish sounds;
Can’t hear you anymore,
Only a cold draft is slightly touching my feet.
A tiny branch of hope that I cling to
Is about to fall apart.
The air is dense,
It’s filling all empty spaces between your fingers;
The silent film of your lip movements
Does not make any sense.
You are still closed,
Not letting me come near.
Unraveling darkness is consuming you,
Pushing you away.
I will remain here and wait
Until you disappear from my sight
And leave my universe.