Lights flicker

In sync with my heartbeat;

Arhythmic waves enfold

And cushion.

Osmium eyelids are

Closing uncontrollably,

Leaving me unable to stay awake.

The vision.

Green shades fill the cave;

They shine through the metal eyes

I have still been unable to move.

You are here.

I cannot see, yet I know what

Is in front of me.

The masterpiece;

Meticulously polished malachite shapes,

Soft curves, and green dust.

The arrhythmia has become

Too powerful to contain.

I can see the faint images

Of stones and blades

Covered in granules;

Breathing is becoming heavier than

My eyelids. I know,

You are moving closer to me.

I no longer need my eyes to see

What I have encountered.

Your sweet copper breath

Gives me shivers,

Paralysing my vital systems.

You were born of destruction,

Torn from where you were meant to be.

I will happily face my fate

As your face comes closer to mine.

For I am just a simple miner

Who came to your mountain

Without being invited.

And as my breath diminishes into nothing

With every passing second

You graciously touch my lips with yours

And I can feel the smooth malachite hand

Sliding into my hair.

You are the queen of this mountain,

And I am but a slave

To everything you are,

Spending the eternity

With the nature’s masterpiece.

It’s raining again

My 3rd working week has started! I’ve got so much energy aaaaaaand it’s gone.

The outside temperature is good, but it’s really humid because of the rainy weather, and  too many puddles. I’m not complaining, but my blood pressure doesn’t like this kind of weather :/

Everybody around looks like they’ve been unloading train wagons all weekend. Nervous bosses make this morning even more stressful.

Several hours of dynamic work events are awaiting, and for some reason I’d rather not be here right now 😀

Just like Anna (sales manager in my office) said, “This is the weather for cocoa, cuddly blanket and a movie”. Although, I’d just pick SLEEP. Don’t care where, how, just right freaking NOW. I could even sleep right on this very keyboard if the lights weren’t so bright.

Dear Monday mornings,

You suck.

Sincerely, one of the millions employed people in the World.