I watch it snowing
Behind your radiant eyes.
Breeze is turning into a blizzard,
As I cover myself with the last bits
Of human dignity,  silently looking
Into the sunset that is about to fade,
Avoiding your look.
Scribbling on the frozen skin,
I’m trying to remember
What it was like
Before winter.
Lips are below freezing,
No more words.
Just ice.
And the snowfall

Snow bots and feeling homeless

Today is fukken freezing! Nanobots of snow are flying around and planting themselves on everything they can get, leaving ice on surfaces and eating up to the bones.  I almost got my hands fallen off when I was switching the songs on the phone. Time to get some proper gloves…

And now, more excitement about the upcoming long weekend! Except for the fact that I don’t have any because apparently (thanks to my landlady) I don’t have a place to stay during these 3 days. Yaay. Now I’m desperately looking through my contacts list to find someone kind enough to help me out. I think, I’ll end up going to couchsurfing and just randomly clicking on people who can host 😀 That’s gonna be an exciting process.

Apart from the evil-plotting snow bots and the chance of me sleeping outside everything’s been going alright. I’m getting ready for a business trip to Karaganda next week and am kind of nervous about it because this is going to be my first business trip and I have to be awesome. 2 days of stress in our local inpatient facility and I’ll be done with it 🙂 Only 2 days, so that makes it not so bad.

Yesterday I counted the number of poems that I have collecterd since the first book got published. 41 poem! And 38 of them are going to get published as soon as I figure out what I want on the cover and find a person who can help me with it (the artist who was going to help is waay to busy with his full-time job and I can’t ask him to stress about my tiny book). I’m thinking of a cover that doesn’t have too much on it, but somehow depicts  the stuff written on the inside. My brain is empty and I feel soooo not artsy-fartsy because I can’t even think of anything right now. But I’m sure I’ll get there.

Moving forward. Trying not to freeze. Making myself stay positive.