tall building

Rainy view from the 17th floor

Grey morning…

It was raining so hard I could feel the raindrops hitting my hiking sneakers. Messy hair, a hood to protect the headphones and music to make the walk to work better than it is – typical morning for me.

It’s going to snow soon, I think. I can’t wait for it, and at the same time I don’t want winter to start because I’m not used to the hardcore freezer temperatures. I’m not ready for -30 C after mild winters in Europe :((((

This week we have 6 days to work instead of 5, and then 3 days off in a row because of the big muslim holiday. Honestly, I have no idea what I’ll be doing during these 3 days. Boredom is just going to eat me and I’ll happily (well, relatively happily) drag myself to work on wednesday.

The general plan is to sleep as much as I freaking can and do my best not to strangle the little drama queen that I share the room with, because if I do, I’ll have to kill her mom too and disappear from the country.

Yeah, not the best thoughts in th first half of the working day.

Group translations, foggy view from the window, and heater working on full power in the office – and first half of the working day is almost over. More brain consuming stuff to come. More excitement about the upcoming 3-day weekend. More hours of life lived.

Stay tuned. Peace.


Read my mind

I’m as useless as a dry camellia

Lying on the window sill.

Looking over the city lights

I drain the last of my hopes

Outside the tall building window.

My thoughts are carving calligraphic letters

Out on my bones and muscles.

Every curve and every stroke

Of my mind’s deadly brush

Makes me want to scratch my own brain out

And eat it while I’m still conscious.

Morbid eyes are getting deeper

As they let your enchantment through.

Melody of agony is so bitter,

And yet so beautiful,

Just like those little moments

When you’re holding a sharp shiny knife in your hand.

Cut me open, tear the flesh from my bones,

And read my mind.