Set me on fire.
Make your move,
Break me once again.
Your justice does no good.
I wish to perish in the flames
Freeing myself from the burden
Of your truth.
I have opened my soul wide enough
For you to take the last.
So burn me to ashes already,
I can’t stand staying alive. 


Let me in

Scar after scar,
Word after word,
I keep trying to get up
From the knees you put me on.
Your screaming becomes muted,
I see your lips moving,
Those mad eyes
Drilling me and draining my energy.
I thought you hated me.
But after looking inside
All I saw was a child,
A child terrified of failure,
Hiding behind the anger,
Anger that is destroying us both.
Give me your hand.
Break the field of hatred,
And let yourself trust me.
There is always time to change who you are,