Big empty room

With wonderful acoustics;

Your steps echo

In every corner.

You come closer,

You observe,

You measure.

All the keys and strings

Throw you out

Of your regular breathing rhythm.

Your rough finger pads

Touch the virgin nylon

And dusty keys;

You perspire,

I am waiting.

You sit down,

Breathe in,

And out.

You know

Something is not right,

You need to take the matter

In your own hands.




Let’s begin.

I am your instrument,

Tune me,

Play me,

Extract all the

The beautiful sounds

From your mind,

And make me

Make every one of them.

The strings are still vibrating,

Sending signals,

And calming down,

Ready for the tune of your life.



Take your face off,

Let me see you.

Stop hiding and

Let me feel the warmth

Of your presence next to me

Under this weak sunlight.

Release your eyes

From the point you’ve been

Staring at.

Air waves expose your tremors

And the anxious heart

That is about to forget peace.

Bare your teeth,

Cross the ropes,

And enter my realm.

Unchain yourself.

Unchain me.






Kilometers of thoughts,

Strange thoughts.

They’re too heavy to hold,

So I wrap them around myself.

Inhaling has become harder;

My chest is being crushed

By the invisible hardship that

I have created myself.

Brain at a highway speed,

It doesn’t hear my pleas to stop.

I might be losing my mind.

I stand on the path and

Cannot catch up with

My own brain.

No more hope to reach what’s

So much faster than myself.

I stop at a blossoming field of colza,

Bright yellow flower carpet

Calms me down.

My mind is not here anymore;

I have let it go.

My lips stretch in a crooked smile:

I don’t have a brain.

Is that… happiness?