Just a dream

Everything I have ever known

Flipped upside down in a second,

Not giving me time to adjust…

…when I saw her.

Effusing the elusive light,

Collaring me and all of my insides,

Immobilizing my being,

She made me regret

Every decision that had led me

To that moment,

And yet I was bursting

With inexplicable ecstasy.

Those thin wrists had so much

Power over me.

I was ready to drown in the abysmal wells

Of her eyes

Over and over again.

The stare made me weak,

For a second

I thought I heard her heartbeat;

So calm.

Her lips moved.

One, two, three more seconds

And she stepped forward.

Forward to the rails.

A train. A hit.


White dress covered in blood,

Beautiful face with eyes wide open.

They were still staring into me.

I snap my eyes shut.

I am not there anymore.

I am strapped to a therapy bed.

I hear the blurry “Increase the voltage”

And feel my insides being twisted again.

Just a dream. Please, come back to me.

I do not wish to wake up.






Trapped asleep

You pour your eyes on my back,

But when I turn around

There’s no one near.

The corner you’re hiding behind

Is pulsing with hatred;

Aimless desperation

Has put me in the middle of the room.

Silence. My best friend has started deceiving me –

Revealing the sounds of horror.

I can’t get rid of the nightmares

That I see with my eyes open.

The dawn is too far away to hope

For a quick and painless night.

I am trapped in the middle of my own dream.