I close my eyes,


Strange place,

Strange faces.

The dense air

Has pushed the smile

Away. No place

For happiness

Among the narrow streets

And shiny buildings.

The five points

Relax the evening,

But do not

Bring any relief.

The weight with no meaning

Has clouded time.

Drywall blocks and

Pointless beats

Are all this place is.

I have emptied myself

Before entering

This dream that is not over yet.

I have only left to wait,

Meditating in patience,

Waiting for the

Peace of awakening.


Rose wood shelves

I store my memories on tiny shelves

Made of rose wood.

One is for the my first cat,

One is or my first friend,

One for the family,

The smiles,

The tears,

The anger and the sadness.

When one of them fills up

The shelves collapse.

One shelf is hidden,

One cannot shake it or flip it over.

That one is for you.

I treasure every little bit

Of every second I remember.

And when everything collapses

What will always remain

Is you.

Reality hit

Cut out the orbits of your feelings,

You won’t need them anymore.

The visions you’ve had were nothing

But childish imagination;

This kind of naivety isn’t accepted

In our society.

Your skin is too effeminate

For the reality hits.

Everybody’s hurt,

Hiding from the rain

With artificial grins.

How does it feel now?

Do you think you’ve been through much?

Calm down the excitement.

The worst is about to come.