I woke up

Not knowing where I was;

Breathing in the fog

That creeped over the ground

And me.

Is this real?

The sunshine is too far,

And I can feel

My bones shrinking in the cold,

Surrounded by fire-breathing trees.

I am still, yet moving,

Clueless about the direction.

A hand on my shoulder;

I know it is you

Without turning around.

I do not know where I am,

But I know where the fog is leading me;

Your touch helped me stay alive

And take the first step.


The danger.
Every time you blink it is closer.
I am trying to find you amongst the screaming winds,
But you are silent.
Not asking for help?
Are you not afraid?..
I feel its steps;
They make the mountains shake,
And you are in the middle.
Your eyes are looking through me,
Not seeking salvation
As you do not see any.
I wait patiently
For a last call,
For a hand reaching out.
You stand still,
Waiting to be anihilated.
As if you do not wish to exist.
There are no gunshots and explosions,
This is not a war you have seen,
But one you are about to lose.
It will come when you seclude yourself,
And drown you in every unspoken word of yours.
Before you realise it
The door will be shut.
And I will remain on top of that mountain
Deaf to my own screams of regret.


One day I disappeared.
Woke up in the morning
Finding myself non-existent.
The other side of the mirror
Still  has my fingerprints.
8 o’clock.  Sunrise. My messy bedroom.
I see a woman enter the room with a child.
Should I beat against the glass,
Try make them see me?
Useless idea. Just like myself.
Now my fingerprints are gone,
The lady wiped them off the mirror.
No more trace of me.
They were leaving. The child looked in my direction
And waved goodbye.
My last goodbye.
The end unexpectedly crawled up
And winked at me as I stood there
Suffocating  from the perplexity
Which has emerged  from myself.
Memories are being erased,
My brain is an old memory drive.
The system has crashed.
Mirrors have turned blue.
I cannot see you anymore.
No more rain drops at the windows,
Snowflakes  on the hair…
This is it.
Pull the plug.
I can’t  take this anymore.