Uncontrollable forces –

Fire and smoke,

Water and wind;

Coming together

They decimate everything

On the way.

Beautiful destruction,

Enchanting horror,

Constricting sound.

Any step closer

Is a bad idea,

And yet you

Have started moving.

You are the smoke,

Blending with the steam,

Finding your way

Where you should not be.

I pull the thin, pretty threads

That wrap around your neck

And twist gently enough

To put your consciousness to sleep

And distract from the inevitable.

I am a volcano

That is about to erupt

And drag you under.



Slender arms

Are trying to grasp

My shoulders;

Sweet gasps

Steaming from

Your rose petal lips

Make me want to forget

Why I did not want this

In the first place.

So fragile,

So delicate and thin;

One more move

And your brittle body

Will start cracking

In my arms,

And yet,

I can feel your tight grip

On everything I am.

I complete you

With every second

And every breath.

Intoxicating scent

That haunts me

Makes me want to disappear

And become a part of you.

I know,

There is nothing

That will ever stand

Between me

And the sweet rose,

And even if you let go of me,

I will always find my way

Into you.

Let me in

Scar after scar,
Word after word,
I keep trying to get up
From the knees you put me on.
Your screaming becomes muted,
I see your lips moving,
Those mad eyes
Drilling me and draining my energy.
I thought you hated me.
But after looking inside
All I saw was a child,
A child terrified of failure,
Hiding behind the anger,
Anger that is destroying us both.
Give me your hand.
Break the field of hatred,
And let yourself trust me.
There is always time to change who you are,