Submerged into you,

I feel the warm currents

Not letting me drown.

Anticipating the rendezvous

Streams pick up the speed;

All I have ever wanted

Is to meet you.

You are the ocean,

And every river of mine,

Regardless of the direction,

Flows into you.



The silver mirrors

Have stopped showing my face;

Instead I see sapphires in my eyes.

I see the biggest heart

Pumping warm blood,

Crucified soul

That has been resurrected

By the sweet kiss of redemption.

The sacred union,

The perfect symbiosis of souls.

The hand that helped me open my eyes,

Offering the life,

Offering the love.

I long to merge into one,

Into the precious eyes

That see the world for what it is,

That will be a part of us,

Knowing the real human feelings.

A part of you,

A part of me;


Safe place

When snow and rain take turns

And angry people cross the wet roads,

I imagine you.

Overflowing with velvet feelings

I sink into the lilac dreams

Where we are alone.

The softest touch sinks me

Into the sacred area

Of my safe place.

Secluded forests and mountain tops,

Mysterious caves and the sunshine

Playing with rainbows in the waterfalls;

I have let you in.

We walk while holding hands

And allow the amazement overwhelm

Our hungry for excitement minds.

Rainbow waterfalls,

Lilac dreams,

We are alone.

You are with me.

You are my safe place.


Reality hit

Cut out the orbits of your feelings,

You won’t need them anymore.

The visions you’ve had were nothing

But childish imagination;

This kind of naivety isn’t accepted

In our society.

Your skin is too effeminate

For the reality hits.

Everybody’s hurt,

Hiding from the rain

With artificial grins.

How does it feel now?

Do you think you’ve been through much?

Calm down the excitement.

The worst is about to come.