My worst enemy

Withering smiles,
The sunset  of my future.
I keep watching the wind
Taking the essence
Of what I am and used to be.
Pour the memories
Over my eyes;
It’s not tears,
Just the wind,
Cold wind.
I always tear up
When the wind is cold.
Your hands are the cello notes
That squeeze my heart
Every time the melody
Touches my ears.
I keep walking towards
The edge of the abyss
That tries to engulf me
With every touch,
Every look.
I end up being
My worst enemy,
Engaging into a fight with myself
Without a chance to win.
Sinking in the bog
Of my past,
Of your past.
So shift the gears,
Let the engine ignite.
And if it stalls,
I’d be the brake
That never works.
As always…

Time to grow up

Racing clouds,

Tyrannous wind,

Merciless rain shower.

The power of nature

Against a small insignificant dot

Called human.

I am walking along the road

Trying to hide from wind,

Enjoying the evening sky swallowing stars.

The road is empty.

Wet, slippery surface looks dangerous for the traffic…

But not me.

The way lights shimmer on the water surface makes me feel more

More of nothing.

Repeating the same dictionary words,

It cannot bring the whole picture

Until you pierce the sky itself

And realize that sky is the same nothing you’ve seen not long ago

Was I right?

It’s time for you to grow up, girl.


Watching slideshows of your smile

I am trying to scrape the remnants of you

Out of myself.

Our tragic reunion

Has killed the last bits

Of both of us.

Sound of the wind touching your hair

Makes me melt,

But the volcano has cooled down.

Your voice is a crying cello

That brings peace to my ears.

Look hear, my dear;

So much time has passed

That I can hardly remember your face,

But you are still haunting me.

I have been holding the door open

For you to leave,

But the curve of your lips

Is still pouring rains of nostalgic foolishness on me.

Time to light it up.

Bring me the matches.

I will burn the slides,

The whole memory room;

We will be watching ourselves disappear

And turn to embers.