Control button

I’m played. That little button you press
Makes me me freeze.
Your console is broken. Ouch!
You’ve never meant it to happen,
But there’s nothing that can be done.
Tiny parts are plotting against you;
They’re building a bridge to your brain
To take their revenge.
Hours are passing,
And you can’t stop praying
For it to get back to normal.
Pay for it! Pay! You have to pay!
Consume more of me,
You cannot get yout fingers
From these joystick controls.
It’s wack.
Day off, no one can fix me.
You’re desperately trying to fix something that doesn’t work any more.
Shove the game cartridge into the slot.
Once, twice, thrice…
Doesn’t work, does it?
It’s long gone.
All done.
Too late, gamer kid.
Bite your wrinkly elbows
And twist your neck trying.
No miracle will turn it back.
Buy another one and pretend
That it’s your favorite one.


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